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You have just entered into Dr. Rigo's Dental Clinic, Welcome!

  Dr. Rigo Dental Clinic has been established since 1990 as the first private dental clinic in the independent Republic of Croatia.

On the 160ms of specially designed environment you will find three modern and fully equipped surgeries. In addition, the clinic has its own dental laboratory, in which thousands of extremely satisfied patients have passed through and recommended its services to a variety of people across Europe, which has ensured prestige and a continual flow of work.

When you or your loved ones are in need of excellent dental service be assured that Dr. Rigo's Dental Clinic is the place to find a solution to all your problems.


  Dr. Marino Rigo was born in 1956 in Pula and in 1980 he graduated from The University of Medicine and Dentistry in Rijeka.


For the past 30 years he diligently attends seminars across Europe held by the most valued authorities, gaining the prestigious masters in the field of dentistry.


His expertise and knowledge were noticed by his colleagues in Croatia and internationally, hence he became a valued member of medical societies and academic societies in Croatia, Italy and France (SIE- Societa'Italiana di endodonzia, AIE-Accademia Italiana di endodonzia, SIDP-Societa'Italiana di parodontologia, AIOP-Accademia Italiana di protesi, SICOI-Societa'Italiana di chirurgia orale ed implantologia SACO-Societe d'anatomie chirurgicale odontostomatologique - Universitee Paris Descartes).


He has obtained a Master of implantology with Dr. Riccardo Del Lupo. He also is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, Croatian Endodntic Society and Croatian Society of Implantology.


  Dr. Adriano Rigo was born in 1984 in Pula and in 2009 graduated from The University of Medicine and Dentistry in Rijeka.

During his studies he had already shown an immense amount of care and dedication to his patients.


Ambitions and talented he extended his knowledge in the field of aesthetic dentistry (ceramic veneers, inlay, aesthetic restorations and teeth whitening), periodontology under the mentorship of recognized European experts from dental medicine.


He is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine and a member of AIC-Accademia Italiana di conservativa.


Master in parodontology with Dr. Fonzar Albert,
president of SIDP-a (Italian society of paradontology)


He specialized in correcting in perioral aesthetics by applying hyaluronic acids in wrinkles in perennial region (lips, chin, nose and forehead).